1. Take our Longarm Rental Certification Class
(you will finish your very first quilt in class)
2. Book Time on one our Longarms
(Appointments available with short notice)
3. Finish your quilts fast
(Smaller quilts can take as little as 1-2 hrs to longarm quilt)
Don't want to finish your quilts yourself? Our team of professional longarm quilters "STUDIO NINJAS" would love the opportunity to finish your quilts for you. Check out the longarm services we provide. From simple all-over designs, beautiful custom quilting to perfect computerized designs.
What the heck is a POP-UP Longarm Rental Studio you ask?
Are we ever glad you asked! We pack up our longarm machines and bring them to you. We rent a spacious conference room in a hotel near you and invite you to come out and spend 1,2 or 3 days finishing your own quilts on our top-of-the-line longarm quilting machines. Our expert coaching is sure to have you confidently stitching on your vey first quilt!
This is your opportunity to grab ahold of one of our top-of- the-line APQS Longarm Quilting Machines and become a proficient longarm quilter in the shortest time possible. Join us at Sparrow Studioz and discover the fastest way to build confidence on a longarm machine. 2 Dat
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Every month we pack up our quilting machines and drive them across this beautiful country teaching hundreds of quilters how easy it is to finish their quilts on a longarm! Our Longarm Quilting Seminars are sure to be the talk of your town for years to come. Now you can learn to longarm quilt all across Canada!
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